As security demands evolve, TECHTONAS provides a layered and progressive approach to security. 


Implementing TECHTONAS edge security solutions provides a layer of security by monitoring your organization’s endpoints. TECHTONAS edge security solutions include:

  • Mobile device security management (MDSM): MDSM administers and controls what, when, and where, users can access applications, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and preventing organizational data leakage.
  • Industrial control systems solutions (ICS): Routers and firewalls that address SCADA and DCS control systems, enabling asset identification and management as well as embedded security.

  • Configuration and vulnerability management: Vulnerability scanners identify, classify, and remediate vulnerabilities such as open ports and misconfigured software configurations.

  • Endpoint protection: Disk encryption, host intrusion protection, and endpoint detection and response solutions ensure the protection of data at rest and in motion.

  • Asset management: Understand the physical devices on your corporate network and receive notifications when new devices are added.


TECHTONAS can deploy a combination of the following network security solutions tailored to your organization’s unique network infrastructure. TECHTONAS network security solutions include:

  • Intrusion prevention systems (IPS): IPS record network traffic and analyze activity to prevent advanced malware threats and zero day vulnerabilities.

  • Firewall/unified threat management systems (UTMs): In addition to traditional firewall capabilities (e.g., packet filtering and VPNs), UTMs enable protection of non-IP based legacy devices which often control critical infrastructures.

  • Network access control (NAC): NAC improves network security by limiting availability of resources to devices that comply with predefined security protocols.

  • Advanced malware protection (AMP): AMPs find, fix, and freeze malware detected within organizational networks.

  • Email, web & domain name security: DNS security extensions filter email spam, monitor web traffic for malicious sites, and control the traffic end users can access


When data is at rest or in motion, organizations of all sizes need the proper protection in place to maintain security. TECHTONAS data security solutions include:

  • Data loss prevention: Discover where data is stored, understand its location and monitor its use to prevent costly data breaches.

  • Full disk encryption: Regardless of whether data is stored physically, virtually, or in the cloud, encryption solutions ensure confidentiality and data integrity.

  • File integrity: Validate the operating system and application from which a user is modifying a file. Realize the who, what, where, and when of configuration changes.

  • Database protection: Database encryption, activity monitoring, and backups, ensure confidentiality and availability of data.


Only requiring your application’s binary code, TECHTONAS uses advanced tools to identify and remediate application vulnerabilities. TECHTONAS’s application security solutions include:

  • Vulnerability management: Manage the vulnerabilities associated with in house developed applications and web-based applications via scanning tools, firewalls, and secure code development.

  • Mobile application management: User blacklisting and whitelisting, delivery management of applications to mobile devices, and mobile application vulnerability testing.


Disaster Recovery

Minimise your exposure to data loss from disasters while reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

TECHTONAS offers disaster recovery to companies that want to minimize exposure to data loss from a disaster while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). With disaster recovery solutions, today’s demanding service level requirements for recovery time and data loss are easily met. In addition, applications can rapidly be restarted upon failure and information can be affordable replicated at remote locations with technology that minimizes network costs and bandwidth.

Business Continuity

TECHTONAS offers continuity to ensure that applications and data are available during planned and unplanned outages.

We provide tiered storage platforms, software and services that ensure high availability and robust data protection – and fit your budgetary and technology constraints. All of our solutions work together to help your business survive a disaster and continue operations seamlessly.

Heterogeneous Data Replication

Protect data consistently on the heterogeneous server, network, and storage infrastructures with robust, scalable, synchronous and asynchronous remote replication solutions.

TECHTONAS can help minimize exposure to data loss from a disaster and quickly restore applications upon recovery. Our solutions protect multiple host operating systems across heterogeneous storage platforms as you reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). Deploy a uniform, scalable, consistent approach to meeting service-level requirements for unparalleled recovery time and minimized data loss.



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